Partner Opportunity

Receive 5% commission on the booths
just for connecting us with the buyer

Project Referral

All projects you refer which lead to a sale on the website and in-person will lead to a 5% commission on the total sale price of the sale price of the booths sold.

By being either a commercial Architect, Interior Design, or General Contractor, you see booths many projects. We build high-quality hospitality grade booths, so make the connection and earn.

Send Plans

We will contact you & register your account 
soon after you submit them.

Booth Builder Sales

Share the booth builder with clients.  This is the 1st interactive 3D booth builder which allows you to make a custom booth with pricing that allows them to buy instantly.

You will have a personalized link to share (ex:

Live tracking will alert you when you've made a sale through the website and preview the 5% commission made.

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