Owners & Operators

Booths are a high commodity among patrons and leave an immediate impression on the venues while they are there.

  Don't lets cheap or old booths hurt your brand's appearance.

Fully Customizable

We build booths for all different types of venues and atmospheres across the US.  Share your vision of what you want build and we will ensure you're happy with the result.  Endless customization options.


Originally built for nighclubs, our booth frame construction is intended to endure the roughest of treatment.  We use the highest grade hospitality foams to last long before you're considering a remodel. 

Competitively Priced

We have refined our manufacturing efficiencies to build booths out of the highest quality materials while also being priced competitively to our competitors.  Customers can recognize quality vs cheap.

3D Booth Builder

A majority of restaurant booths do not need any customization beyond 
shape, fabric, back texture, height, and length.  

Our 3D Interactive Booth Builder will dynamically change to your specifics and give you an instant price to allow you to buy now.
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